About Us

November 4, 2016, my father Dennis Ellis passed at the  age of 65.  He was on hospice at home for less than 30 days and he succumb to Cancer.  My father had good medical cover, a local hospice team and supportive family-members surrounding him.  Although hospice services provided some resources and support near the end of his life, before my father was “officially diagnosed”,  my family gave care 24 hours a day for appointments, support groups, medical research, and daily care. We needed guidance, help and support when giving care and instead we received books, paperwork and website addresses.

The Problem

Providing care for those who are unable to help themselves is a huge task.  The responsibilities of Caregivers are abundant and it takes a spectacular and strong person to take on the task.  Unfortunately, there is little time for Caregivers to take care of themselves.  Hospitals are a great resource for treating the patient, but who is providing support and care for the family members and friends who provide around the clock care for those who are terminal, chronically ill, bedridden, disabled and elderly. Fortunately, there are some services and support groups, but what if there was one place Caregivers could go to get support, information, resources, and direction? Caregiver, TAKE CARE! Is that place

The Solution

I invite YOU to consider connecting with Caregiver, TAKE CARE! Caregivers we appreciate YOU.  We hope to research, connect and build with YOU so YOU can continue to provide exceptional care at home, in the community and in hospitals.